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  • Doing Anything Nice This Summer?

    It's been a while since the last Jaybird performance (Ovid's Heroines, in Nottingham, in the Spring, in a snowstorm), but there's plenty of backstage action keeping us busy at the moment.

    The Inn Crowd - this is a project run by Applause Rural Touring, Creative Arts East, Writers' Centre Norwich and New Writing South, designed to find and promote new live literature performances in pub venues in the east of England. Jaybird is working with WCN in particular to scout new shows and work on the production process to bring new shows to the bar.

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  • Pregnant Medea

    We've come to the end of the Spring run of Ovid's Heroines now, not least because Clare is expecting a baby. She writes 'I’m particularly going to miss being on the road with producer Julia Bird and our technical expert John Castle, but as the set fits in a suitcase, future revivals are not impossible. Here’s hoping. In the meantime, it was becoming hard (at seven and a half months pregnant) to get up off my knees angrily at the climax of Medea, so perhaps its a good time to take a break! Many thanks to the Arts Council for their support.' and a longer write up of her experience is here

    Behind the scenes, there is a bit of financial juggling and piggy bank jiggling going on which - we hope - will allow us to book a few more performances later in the year. More details as we have 'em.

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  • Lights, Camera, Question

    The waves from Beginning to See the Light ripple out. Jane and Malika performed the hour of classic and contemporary light poems at StAnza at the beginning of March - the first ever Jaybird visit to Scotland. And Corinne Silva's filmpoems of some of the new poems are now spooling through a youtube channel near you - watch them all here. A filmpoem is an inaction movie, where occasionally a wisp of smoke will trail into the sky as a poet reads, or the shadow of a pot-plant will shiver across a wall. These flickers of light deepen the impact of a poem's image.

    The image is a still from Holly's film, (c) Corinne Silva 2016.

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