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  • O My Days

    One poem + another poem is a conversation. Write a new poem (or a review, or create an artwork) inspired by What Days We're Having Now and we'll publish it online. Get your boots on - tell us about your days!

    Please send your responses to julia@jaybird.org.uk.

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  • Schools and Students

    Teachers, lecturers and educators! We have a range of free resources for GCSE, AS level and A level English Language, English Literature, Drama, Performing Arts, Creative Writing and PSHE students to help you carry the themes and ideas of What Days We're Having Now into classrooms, theatres and beyond.

    Resources include: Short Pre-performance Activity Ideas, Pre-performance Lesson Plans, GCSE English / PSHE Lesson: Identity and Its Wobbles, A Level Pre-Performance Lesson: Poetry Should Be Heard, Not Just Read, Pre-performance Drama / Performing Arts Lesson, Short Post-performance Activity Ideas, Post-performance GCSE English Lesson, Post-performance A Level Lesson, Develop a Staged Poetry Reading, Imagery Revision Lesson, Creative Writing Ideas.

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