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  • Pregnant Medea

    We've come to the end of the Spring run of Ovid's Heroines now, not least because Clare is expecting a baby. She writes 'I’m particularly going to miss being on the road with producer Julia Bird and our technical expert John Castle, but as the set fits in a suitcase, future revivals are not impossible. Here’s hoping. In the meantime, it was becoming hard (at seven and a half months pregnant) to get up off my knees angrily at the climax of Medea, so perhaps its a good time to take a break! Many thanks to the Arts Council for their support.' and a longer write up of her experience is here

    Behind the scenes, there is a bit of financial juggling and piggy bank jiggling going on which - we hope - will allow us to book a few more performances later in the year. More details as we have 'em.

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  • Lights, Camera, Question

    The waves from Beginning to See the Light ripple out. Jane and Malika performed the hour of classic and contemporary light poems at StAnza at the beginning of March - the first ever Jaybird visit to Scotland. And Corinne Silva's filmpoems of some of the new poems are now spooling through a youtube channel near you - watch them all here. A filmpoem is an inaction movie, where occasionally a wisp of smoke will trail into the sky as a poet reads, or the shadow of a pot-plant will shiver across a wall. These flickers of light deepen the impact of a poem's image.

    The image is a still from Holly's film, (c) Corinne Silva 2016.

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