• Lights, Camera, Question

    The waves from Beginning to See the Light ripple out. Jane and Malika performed the hour of classic and contemporary light poems at StAnza at the beginning of March - the first ever Jaybird visit to Scotland. And Corinne Silva's filmpoems of some of the new poems are now spooling through a youtube channel near you - watch them all here. A filmpoem is an inaction movie, where occasionally a wisp of smoke will trail into the sky as a poet reads, or the shadow of a pot-plant will shiver across a wall. These flickers of light deepen the impact of a poem's image.

    The image is a still from Holly's film, (c) Corinne Silva 2016.

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  • Set List

    We hope you enjoyed Beginning to See the Light - here’s the set list. All the classic light poems are in the public domain, but the commissioned poems are brand new. Here's a flicky book PDF of all the new poems on one link (you'll need Flash), and here they are individually.

    Noon to 2pm

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  • Beginning Beginning to See the Light

    On Thursday - National Poetry Day - we'll be at Southbank Centre for a new one off poetry show celebrating light, the theme for this year's NPD.

    Here's the deskscape in advance of yesterday's Beginning to See the Light rehearsal.

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