Inspired by Brunel

Paige is a creative writing student at Brunel University, and was inspired to write this poem by a performance of What Days We're Having Now there recently.

by Paige Bowen

It takes some getting used to,
This 'adulting' thing.
Or so I hear.

From pocket money,
To hard earned cash.
Don’t worry, you’re saving some for later.

From grotesque canteen ... whatever the hell that was,
To your homemade 'gourmet' chicken.
two pounds for six in Iceland, half hour in the oven.

From drinking and dancing until dawn,
To ‘goodnight love’.
It’s already 10pm, best be getting to bed.

From sneaking through the back door,
To staring at the clock.
‘I told you to be back by 8!’

From being nagged to do the dishes,
To not having a bloody choice.
Well the dish fairy isn’t going to do them. Is she?

From the excitement of the break bell,
To lunch on the go.
The bench in the nursing home yard.

It takes some getting used to,
This adulting thing.
But don’t worry,
You’ll get there eventually.

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