Inspired by Kings

We think we can see the influence of Ella Frears in this fab poem by Rachel Barker. Rachel saw What Days We're Having Now at Kings College, London and was inspired to write. Send us your show-inspired poems, and we'll post 'em up too!

Chasing my future self
by Rachel Barker

Its 8:30am and I am five items behind on my to do list.
I keep planning to wake up at 5am but I never do. Snooze and snooze and snooze
Every ten minutes
For hours
And hours.

This happens every morning and yet
Every evening it’s like I forget.
The past isn't present
There is only Future Me
And she -
She is going to wake at 5am.
I can see it now as I close my eyes to sleep.

But seven hours later Present Me
Presses snooze and rolls over.

Present Me struggles
To follow in the footsteps of Future Me.

Its 10:30am and I am making myself coffee.
I haven't caught up on my to do list
But I am getting there.
Present Me can see Future Me
Running ahead, still
But in touching distance now.

It’s 2pm and Future Me has led me astray.
For the past two hours Present Me
Has been plotting and planning and scheming;
Planning holidays and looking at courses
And working out where I want my career to be
In five years’ time.

Meanwhile, I am seven items behind
On that damn to do list.

It’s 6pm.
I caught up a little on that damn to do list.
Not enough.
Future Me is still outrunning me;
Out pacing me;
Visible, there in the distance
But just out of reach.

It’s 11pm
And I set my alarm for 5am.

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