Replica Rolex watches water ghost stainless steel watch

I believe that more people are more interested in Rolex's blackwater ghost, so the younger brother will first write a detailed explanation of the blackwater ghost, the genuine Rolex 116610LN's blackwater ghost detailed explanation, and then will make an article The comparison between the authentic water ghost stainless steel strap and the imitation water ghost stainless steel replica watches, and the black water ghost sold in the YZ mall, and the true and false contrast of the green water ghost. Complete this entire series completely.

This authentic Rolex Submariner 116610LN has to explain in advance that this watch was purchased in April 2016 and was started at the same time as 116610LV. They were used to develop genuine black water ghosts and green water ghosts, so it can also be said It is the latest version of the genuine product. Currently, no seller has done it on the Internet. About the latest version of the genuine Rolex Submariner in March 2016, comparison and evaluation!

The March 2016 version of the authentic Rolex Submariner still maintains the usual fashion of diving watches in the past. Let's look at the shell shape of the shell first. Details of the night pearl The night pearl is inlaid with a double-layer material, which is the same procedure as the original.

The color of the bezel is bright black, not pure black. Of course, this black will not have the problem of color difference. As for the color of the font and the layer, the younger brother has already made a very clear fake watches explanation in the detailed explanation of the green water ghost 116610LV. Interested brothers can take a look.

The position of the night pearl is indeed worth noting. The night pearl is exactly in the middle of the triangle of the ceramic circle, and there will be some edges next to it, which will not completely fill up.

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