Fake watches-Replica watches always feel transparent

The original fake Rolex is also coated with an anti-reflection layer (AR) on the mirror surface, which is a glare coating, and there is also a coating on the magnifying glass. We often see people say on the Internet. Imitation watches always feel that there is no transparent fake watch, but this is actually a misunderstanding. The so-called "transparent" means that the mirror surface looks bright or not. In fact, it is a problem of transmittance. If an anti-reflection layer is coated on both sides, it is what they call "impermeable". "Transparent" means double-sided antireflection coating, but we can see that the true original is the double-sided anti-reflection coating. Looking at the details replica watches, the feeling of haze is the same as that of the imitation. It can be seen that this is actually a blind rumor, or someone's own standard of "true and false" identification.

The literal Crown of the genuine replica Rolex watchesis not a simple flat print, but it will have a slightly three-dimensional impression. It needs to be close together to find out, in the true and false contrast. The scale of the genuine fake Rolex is a bright spot in the eyes of the younger brother. The workmanship that looks like a single piece is very flat and is set on the scale frame. It is precisely because the details are delicate that the whole gets a sublimation. .

This is the position of the magnifying glass of the younger brother's vertical shooting. If you look closely, it seems that there are some errors. Of course, this is actually a rumor. This rumor was already explained when the younger brother explained the green water ghost.

Here I will show you the bottom of the genuine fake Rolex. What the brother wants to say is. ETA 2836-2 The center axis of the hands used is indeed different from the center axis of the second hand of the genuine Cal.3135 movement, but the height of the center axis is different. For specific identification, I will compare it later. The article states that you can take a look replica watches uk at the genuine bottom bracket first.

Regarding the crown part of the watch, it uses a screw-type locking structure, and a rubber waterproof ring is added to the inner ring.

The chamfered part of the authentic submariner is also very sharp, and it will scratch like a fake watch. It ’s not that the genuine case is the “humanized” rounded corners as everyone imagines, but friends who have such doubts may not know much about diving watches. Everyone can imagine that if fake IWC Portuguese timepieces, Rolex submarines, This type of fake watch has a relationship with the ocean.

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