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This is also a question mark in everyone 㠭inds. After all, similar to the home of watches, large watch forums like the watch family do not seem to touch the red line, that is, they cannot black "Rolex". Based on fake Rolex often mentioned, they The self-developed 904L special steel is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, which makes many replica watchmates think that the stainless steel of Rolex watches will never wear ... Of course, this was also thought before the younger brother had Rolex, only to find out later In fact, it is the moon in the water. It does not exist at all. This Rolex has not been worn. It has been bought since April. It is only used for research and comparison. There are still many deep scratches vip replica watches. The younger brother will give Let's look at a Rolex watch that has been worn normally for 2 years and show you whether it will never wear out.

What is the buckle of the authentic submariner version after March 2016? After March 2016, the genuine submariner buckle used a polished buckle and a laser-engraved crown logo. At the same time, it was not sprayed with black oil as in the past, but simply laser engraved.

This is what is called the adjustable diver's clasp in the original. The strap can be shortened or extended by 1.5 knots. The purpose is to make it easier for divers to continue to use Rolex replica watches while wearing thick wetsuits. Do not intercept the strap. This is indeed a good invention.

Regarding the authentic fake Rolex Black Water Ghost and Green Water Ghost, the younger brother has already explained in detail. If you have any questions about the authenticity of these two replica watches, you can leave a message on the website and the younger brother will do the real work In the future, the younger brother will write an evaluation of the Portuguese imitation watch, and make a true and false comparison for everyone, so that everyone has a comprehensive understanding of the water ghost watch.

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