I Gaze From My Kitchen Like An Astronaut (2012/13)

I Gaze From My Kitchen Like An Astronaut featured ten poets at early stages in their careers. Each poet had an individual acoustic show which we toured in different combinations to various non traditional venues.

The poets featured were Liz Berry, Kayo Chingonyi, Sarah Howe, Amy Key, William Letford, Karen McCarthy Woolf, John McCullough, Richard O'Brien, Lianne Strauss and Tom Warner.

I Gaze From My Kitchen Like An Astronaut (2012/13)

How we described it ...

'From your spaceship, the Earth looks like a marble. It looks like a gobstopper. It could pop like a bubble. Trainee astronauts are screened for poetic souls: those who have them can’t go into space. Too much metaphor on the mind could compromise a mission.

The poets in this show have worked with a theatre director and designer to create new worlds of poetic pleasure and provocation. Their poems come with a payload of star-shine and space-dust, and are performed throughout all the charted and uncharted spaces of your venue.

Jaybird produces touring poetry shows which borrow the tricks of the theatrical trade to heighten the performances of talented and inventive poets. Previous shows have included soundscapes and fireworks. I Gaze From My Kitchen Like An Astronaut builds for each poet a setting suggested by the themes of their poems. Words and moods are enhanced with props and subtle choreography: how the poets move, sit and stand on stage helps your eye support what your ear attends. Poems from the page, launched into orbit.

Our poets have metaphor on the mind at all times. Their poems will charm and console you, nudge you and urge you. Come and follow their explorations.'

More photos here.

Production Credits

Produced by Jaybird Live Literature

Directed and designed by Phoebe Stout

Trainee Directors - Harry Mackrill and Collette McCarthy

Tour Dates

Nottingham’s WEYA festival, The Beacon in Hastings, Keats’ House in London, the Bike Shed Theatre in Exeter, the Wordsworth Trust in Grasmere, Norwich Castle and Library, and Ledbury Poetry Festival in 2012/3.


A review from Hastings which perfectly sums up everything we want to do with our shows ...

‘I did not know what to expect and I was a bit wary as reading and listening to poetry is not always easy for me as an art form. The show allowed me to really engage with the poetry, be close to the poets, hear the nuances of the words and be transported to the place and feelings they were expressing. At moments during the show I became moved in unexpected ways and the use of subtle props gently enhanced the speaking. There was a reflective energy and immediacy which drew me in and made me want to hear more! I would recommend it very very highly to children, young adults and everyone really who does not think poetry is for them. Thank you Jaybird.'

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